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In mechanical engineering, the physical conditions are provided for the use of mechanical systems.
Mechatronics combines the three areas:
Mechanics, electrical engineering and information Technology treating the complex problems of mechanical systems in the control loop of the sensor - data processing - Actuation.

Apprenticeship & Dual Study Program

PROWIN A+W Automationstechnik provides a practice-oriented Mechatronics training,
also within the framework of a dual study program for the following courses:

•  Electrical Engineering
•  Electrical and Computer Engineering
•  Mechanical engineering
•  Mechatronics
•  Precision engineering

Mechatronics is a promising career field with many applications. PROWIN A+W offers an excellent education in mechatronics.

Send your application documents to:
PROWIN A+W Automationstechnik GmbH,
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