Bolting Processes

Bolting Processes

The detachable connection screws is the core process in the fields of axle assembly, motors and gearbox assembly. We integrate the most common technologies into our plant systems to fully automate complex bolting processes.

Screw loose?

We integrate all well-known screwdriver manufacturers in our systems.

We have developed systems tailored to the specific applications for the delivery of screw units and have tested them in practice many times:

Hand-guided screwdriving station

Hand-guided screwdriving station

Installing parts, applying screws and manually screwing with yield point control. These are the tasks for manually guided screwdriving systems at manual workstations.

The ergonomic design is important here. Balancers or pneumatic units provide weight compensation for the screwdriving technology. The support of the screwdriving reaction moments must, of course, be taken over by the workers. The moments are dissipated via the station or the guided suspension of the screwdrivers.

Even and especially with systems determined by humans, the assistance for the generation of the quality is necessary. Measurement technology and optical systems help to maintain the screw sequence and prevent that among the large quantity, one or the other screw was not tightened.

Fully automatic bolting station

Many screws in a very confined space, in the shortest possible time – no problem for a fully automatic screwdriving station.

The EC spindles are docked onto the screwdriving point via pneumatically or servomotor-driven infeed units. We have solved the problem of finding the tool for the screw just as reliably as we have solved the problem of automatically feeding the screws.

Whether by hand, with transfer technology or with the robot. We are flexible in designing the loading of the station. Well-designed systems realize the torque dissipation without significantly stressing the station components and, above all, without damaging the components.

Fully automatic screwdriving station by means of robot

Fully automatic screwdriving station by means of robot

We also use the flexibility from robotics in screwdriving technology. When it comes to covering a wide range of types. Product changes and extensions to the product range are very simple to implement.

In addition to the actual screwdriving function, we can also perform additional tasks such as parts handling and screw feeding at the same time.

Cleverly designed concepts and constructions preserve robotics from the reaction forces and moments.