Our full-service offering accompanies you through every phase of the development process and provides you with comprehensive, personalized service.
Our full-service offering accompanies you through every phase of the development process and provides you with comprehensive, personalized service.

Your goal is our drive

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We see ourselves as pioneers for your successful industrial production and at the same time as companions during the entire project phase.

Our Benefits

Customized End 2 End automation solutions: We are with you for your project from start to finish and provide excellent customer support at every stage of the project.

Project Management

Perfect project management is the basis for success. Here, PROWIN A+W offers excellent conditions with a highly trained and experienced staff from the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

The project management accompanies the customer as a contact person through all project phases. From development to production and commissioning to turnkey handover, a competent and decisive employee is at our customer’s side.


After analyzing your requirements, we plan the most important process steps and implement them in a functional concept.

Complex special solutions are just as much a part of finding results as the adaptation of our development standards. Our design team visualizes the ideas with the most modern CAD equipment and implements them with the inclusion of simulation and FEM software up to the detailed documents.

In our in-house electrical planning department, we design the complete control technology for all machines and systems, including a wide variety of subsystems and all interfaces to the customer’s network. We use an Eplan 5.7/P8 as the software tool for the electrical and pneumatic and E-plans.

Our think tank combines know-how with innovation with the goal of finding the optimal solution for the task at hand.


Precision, flexibility and efficiency are the factors that make up powerful manufacturing in special machine construction. With our sister company, A+W Maschinenbau GmbH, we are well supplied. The modern machinery and a motivated team contribute to our success. The very high vertical range of manufacture ensures all technical and deadline-relevant requirements.


Understanding and mastering all related systems and programs is our motto in the program creation department.

In addition to the familiar programming of the control software, taking into account the most diverse customer standards, we are familiar in dealing with almost all makes of robots.

Image processing, measurement technology, databases, traceability, interfaces and everything else that is needed for the overall turnkey project is processed and tailored by our team of specialists.


We understand assembly as more than just putting together individual parts to form an assembly.

In addition to mechanical assembly, we build all switch cabinets and control units. The units are completed to form the overall plant. Only in this way can the functional testing for verification of the plant data take place.

Our installation team delivers and sets up the systems at our customers’ sites as agreed and planned and is actively involved on site during commissioning.


All systems are activated. Now we check whether the planned functions and processes pass the test. We put the machines and systems through their paces.

All characteristic values whether cycle time, product quality, machine capability, ergonomics and many more must be fulfilled before we carry out the shipping acceptance with the customer.

Our highly qualified commissioning team works consistently on the verification of the planning data. Our specialists at the integration of the plants for all questions and training topics to the side.

It is a special concern of ours to process the inquiries of our customers as quickly as possible. Our robotics specialists in Magdeburg are available for inquiries from northern Germany.

Do you have any questions about our services?

A trustful personal cooperation and the high quality and reliability of our plants are the top priority at PROWIN A+W.