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The range of our highly complex manufacturing equipment is complemented by intelligent, preconfigured interlinking solutions. The smooth transport of workpieces or pallets along the production line is becoming increasingly important. Only if the components are available in the right place at the right time can the production flow be reliably guaranteed.

Chain conveyor

Chain conveyors are mainly used as basic components of transfer lines, especially for conveying pallets and goods that cannot be transported on roller conveyors. In addition, our chain conveyors offer the greatest possible access to the conveyed material from below.

Our components are particularly robust and reliable and tailored to the essential functions for their areas of application. Without rollers or belt connections, the chain conveyor is also less susceptible to malfunctions.

Thanks to its flexible design structure and extensive list of accessories, optimized configurations for many applications can be created effortlessly.








Chain conveyor

Configure your individual conveyor units now. Abgestimmt auf Ihre Anforderungen und die Bedürfnisse Ihre Produktionslinien erstellen wir Ihnen ein spezifischen Angebot und garantieren Ihnen eine passgenaue, individuelle Lösung.

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Weight of conveyed material (kg):

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Motor position:

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Conveying speed (m/s):

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Number of conveying units:

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Accessories list:

Our chain conveyors are particularly characterized by their flexible design. The equipment of the conveyor elements can be extended as desired by the following accessories: