Donation campaign

In favor of the “Kinderlächeln” foundation
of the Passau Children’s Hospital

PROWIN A+W Automationstechnik donates to Kinderlächeln foundation

“It’s a difficult time when we all have to stand together,” says Melanie Lenz from PROWIN A+W Automationstechnik GmbH in Hauzenberg, explaining the intention behind the donation. All employees – 120 in number – had participated in a raffle at Christmas time and diligently bought raffle tickets. “We really wanted the proceeds to benefit children and their families here in the region,” employee Larissa Gell also emphasizes.

As representatives of the company’s employees, both had handed over the donation to the Kinderlächeln Foundation. “For us, an important support and even more a valuable sign of backing in these extraordinary times,” thanks Dr. Maria Diekmann, Chairwoman of the Foundation Board of PROWIN A+W Automationstechnik GmbH in Hauzenberg.

The employees at PROWIN also gave great feedback for the fundraiser – they were able to enjoy great raffle prizes.