Caravan side walls

14400 vesicles/day

The system for processing caravan sidewalls glues small metal plates to predefined positions on the inside walls of caravans. To do this, an adhesive is first applied to the corresponding position and the metal plate is then fixed in place. Interior elements such as shelves, cabinets, etc. are later screwed to the positions reinforced with the sheet metal plates. The sheet metal plate laying machine can be equipped with more than 200 different variants of interior walls and glues an average of 60 sheet metal plates per side wall.

The fed sheet metal coils are uncoiled fully automatically, aligned and then punched to the appropriate length within one second by a cut-off shear and stacked in magazines. The loaded magazines are fed to a setting head located on the fully automated surface gantry. The 0.8 mm thick sheet metal plates are then separated and sucked into the joining cylinder with the aid of vacuum valves.

The planar surface gantry now moves to the corresponding preset positions at a speed of 3m/min and an acceleration of 3m/s2. In the respective position, a heated adhesive is applied by means of spin-spray application. Subsequently, the separated sheet metal plates are joined at the joining die with a force of 1.1 kN up to 4kN in the corresponding side wall. Despite the high speed and a cycle time of just 3 seconds, a positioning accuracy of +/- 1 mm can be guaranteed. The assembled panel is then clocked out of the system for further processing.

In the meantime, the number of sheet metal plates, dimensions, etc. of the next plate is determined. If the number of sheet metal plates in the magazine is not sufficient, the magazine is exchanged during the sidewall change.