Automated assembly line for constant velocity joints

Automated assembly line for constant velocity sliding joints

The fully automated assembly line produces around 9000 constant velocity joints per day. A total of seven robots handle both component feeding and component handling within the system. Due to the high degree of automation of the system, only one employee is required for operation and loading. The component feeders are designed in such a way that a 40-minute cycle is possible without material loading. Integrated quality processes monitor the production processes and relevant quality parameters are displayed transparently for the operator at the control panel.

Component marking by marking laser

In times of Industry 4.0, component marking is also becoming increasingly important. By using a highly complex marking laser, a permanent and continuous quality of the marking is guaranteed. With the help of this modern technology, one achieves more flexibility with regard to the geometric shape of the surface to be marked and the marking position on the component. In the case of this application, for example, traceability is given by the marking to the exact production date and any faulty batches could be identified.

Bin picking for component removal:
Container mit Zwischenlagen

The semi-finished products are fed to the system in containers with up to five levels. A modern 3D camera system detects and determines the components and intermediate layers in the container. Depending on whether it is a component or an intermediate layer, the robot automatically sets up the required gripper and begins the removal process. After gripping, the components are placed on a transfer belt and fed to the system. The layer pads are placed in a corresponding container and can be removed from the system by the system operator via a lock function.

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