Efficient (un)loading through man-robot cooperation

fenceless design – man and robot in close proximity


The innovative use of latest safety technology makes it possible to realize an open design for the entire workspace of our automatic loading cell. The goal of a highly user-friendly, efficient and at the same time extremely safe application could be realized to the complete satisfaction of our customer.

The realization of this man-robot cooperation is achieved by combination of laser scanners, light curtains and the safety features of the robot.

By eliminating the need for extensive airlock technology and separating protective devices, this design can also save costs – despite latest safety technology.

Maximum efficiency and flexibility with maximum ease of use

The perfect interaction of these components allows human and robot work alongside each other in the loading and unloading areas. This area has been divided into different safety zones. Depending on the situation, these trigger adaptive reactions that adjust the robot’s working speed for safety reasons or even stop the activity if necessary.

This human-robot cooperation, in conjunction with visualization via LED units that can be controlled individually for each loading bay, ensures maximum ease of use and clear operator guidance.

In order to ensure completely uninterrupted system operation, type changes can be carried out easily by scanning material flow cards during loading. In this way, all available types can be fed to the system by the machine operator in the simplest way without any further measures. Ohne weitere Maßnahmen können der Anlage so alle verfügbaren Typen auf einfachste Art und Weise durch das Bedienpersonal zugeführt werden.

However, flexibility is taken even further. Due to the integration of a database for type and quality data management, which was completely developed by PROWIN A+W, the configuration of new types is possible very quickly. Adaptations, for example to the robot program, or lengthy test runs are not necessary for this.