Winter challenge at

Winter 2020…

A time that will probably go down in history as the Corona Winter 2020. For the employees of PROWIN A+W, the first winter in which there is no Christmas party and the annual joint ski excursions cannot take place.

But the employees at PROWIN don’t let it get them down:

As a Christmas present this year, all employees were delighted to receive a great “winter package”. From thermos flask to multifunctional headband, everything was included.


The things packed we say

“aufe aufn Berg! in Bavaria.


And we wouldn’t be PROWIN A+W if we didn’t get carried away with a competition with great prizes to be won: During the Advent months, our employees hiked with their equipment to the most beautiful photo spots the Bavarian forest has to offer. In the end, the best PROWIN winter selfie wins!

The jury could hardly decide when selecting the winners…